Simba & Yanga's Records In The Kariakoo Derby Matches For 5 Seasons

 This is the record of Simba and Yanga teams in the 9 matches they have met in the last 5 seasons.

Simba has won 3 matches while Yanga has won only 1 match.

In all 9 games the teams have drawn 5 times, that is, more than the matches they have won.

Simba SC have lost only 1 match while Yanga have lost 3 matches.

In those matches Simba has scored 9 goals while Yanga have scored only 7 goals.

In those matches Simba have conceded only 7 goals while Yanga have conceded 9 goals.

Simba have clean sheet 3 while Yanga have only clean sheet 2.

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