What To Wear On Thanksgiving Day - Women's Thanksgiving Dress

It's always fun to dress up during the holiday season, especially when you're gathered around extended family and friends that you likely haven't seen for quite some time. These looks will help you feel put together and comfortable as you make your way through the line for seconds.

Cold Shoulder Sweater
The cold shoulder is trendy, but also symbolic of what you'll serve to Uncle Marty if he brings up politics at the table.

Comfy Cardigan
Another easy way to dress up your favourite t-shirt and jeans.

Bold Reds
Everyone will be so stunned by your bold look that they won't even notice when you scarf down all the biscuits.

Cozy Dress
On the outside this looks like an adorable dress, but it's really a super comfy cover-up that lets you eat all the food.

Floral Feature
This tunic falls below the hip, so you can totally get away with pairing it with your favourite leggings.

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