Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas - Halloween Makeup Ideas Pictures

So to help keep you from another year of procrastinating, scrambling, and ultimately hating on your costume all night, we rounded up our favorite ideas, below, to get you inspired way, way ahead of the big night.

What's not to love about wearing a rainbow wig, glow-in-the-dark unicorn horn, and rhinestones? Exactly

The Wakanda Forever
The world will be transformed into a living, breathing Wakanda on Halloween night, thanks to the brilliance that was Black Panther. Recreate the vibes with white dots lining your forehead and eyes, along with a white stripe down the middle of your lip.

The Fairy
Live your best fairy life with penciled-on freckles, ultra-long falsies, and an intense, full-face contour using only blush.

The Mermaid
Even though it feels like we've hit peak mermaid and unicorn everything, please feel free to indulge one more time with all of the sparkles, glitter, and washout rose-gold hair dye in the world. I mean, it looks damn pretty, amirite?

Snow White
For an easy, sweet costume that doubles as a nighttime look (sans the little-girl bow, of course), copy Emma Pickles' pretty Snow White makeup.

Pop Art Woman
Outline your face with strategically placed black trim and add big red dots to mimic your favorite Sunday comic. Then just add your favorite party dress. Roy Lichtenstein would be impressed.

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