How To Wash Your Hair Like A Hair Dresser - How To Wash Hair With Shampoo At Home

How To Wash Hair With Shampoo:
A packet of shampoo of your choice (preferably something that suits your hair)
A wide toothed comb
A packet of branded conditioner (Use Dove or Tresemme if you want smooth and silky hair)

The 6 Steps You Need To Follow:
  1. Before you take a shower, take a wide toothed comb and comb your hair gently and properly. This will not only reduce tangles but also help you keep away from hair shafts when it is dry.
  2. Now, wet your tresses with warm water and take some shampoo and gently massage your hair with it. Work the shampoo throughout the length of your hair.
  3. Rinse your hair with cold water and keep stroking your hair in the downward direction. After this, you will need a conditioner. As The American Academy of Dermatology says, apply conditioner only on the tips of your hair.
  4. Apply the conditioner gently and let it stay for five minutes. This will strengthen the cuticles of your hair and prevent your hair from looking limp.
  5. Once you have washed off the conditioner, use a towel to blot your hair. Try to treat your wet hair gently as this will stop your hair from getting damaged or weak.
  6. Do not blow dry your hair. This is because heat will break your hair, making it rough, dull and prone to damage. Hence, it’s always better to let your hair dry naturally.

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