How To Style Dreads For Guys - Braided Dreads Hairstyles For Men

Dreadlocks styles for men continue to be popular in barbershops. Also known as dreads or locs, dreadlocks epitomize a free, independent, and bohemian lifestyle; although guys shouldn’t let the stereotype prevent them from rocking dread hairstyles if that’s what they want. And while the haircut is usually worn by black men, guys of all races have embraced the look. From short to long, black to blonde, and straight to braided, men’s dread styles come in many unique shapes, sizes, and designs.

This short dread style for men come in different arrays and variation that fits all types of personalities. If you dread keeping lengthy hair and still want to keep dreads, this hairstyle fits very well for you.

When it comes to being edgy and trendy, this dreadlock style rocks hard. To create a deeper impression, colored dyes are used in creating different shades. The hair is then braided backwards, forming a spiky pineapple-like pony tail.

What comes to your mind whenever you think of dread locks? Long and thick hair locks is obviously the first thing that races to the mind. Well the truth is that before dreadlocks were worn for the purpose of fashion, they were mostly worn in long locks. If done properly and well maintained, you are sure to stand out in this hairstyle no matter your personality.

Short dread styles for guys may not be a distinct look, but it’s worth noting the benefits of shorter versus longer hair. While long dreadlock hairstyles tend to stand out more, short dreads are easier to maintain, manage and style every day. And although some men may think only long strands are versatile, there are so many styles for short locs, such as keeping them up, letting them fall to one side, parting in the middle, messy and all over, or worn into a top knot.

If you feel the need to mix things up and want to change the color of your hair, then dyed dreads have become the latest fashion trend. By bleaching or dying your dreadlocks to incorporate different colors, particularly red streaks or ashy and blonde highlights, black men can make their dreads unique. How you decide to use color in your hair can really make all the difference here. Blonde highlights at the end of long dreads can be really dope.

Another popular trend lately is weaving dreads into braids. Dread braid styles add a cool texture and look that can make your hair stand out. You’ll have more styling options with thin dreads over large ones as you can create more intricate designs, but both provide a good, low-maintenance finish. If you already have dreadlocks and want to change your look, then consider any number of braided dreads hairstyles.

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