Monday, September 24, 2018

Black Guy Cornrows - Cornrows Men's Hairstyles

Here you can check out various stylish cornrow hairdos that are a hot trend of 2016. Try different fresh options and find out which one is the best for you. Knowing your head and face shape allows to choose styles that will definitely look good.


If you like complicated ornament designs then totally opt for this hairdo. It looks creative and stylish. Moreover, you can ask your hairdresser to create an exclusive design that no one else is wearing. Make sure that mostly small braids are used, because they allow adding extra intricate details.



Cornrows for men allow you to experiment a lot with the design. Although traditional type is the most popular and widely worn, there are unique variants that will help you to stand out and get noticed. This hairstyle combines straight-lined braids with zig zag parts. The contrast of these two types of geometrical lines appears to be fresh and original.


As you may know geometrical shapes are a hot topic in modern design. So make sure you’ve tried this X-shaped scalp braids ornament. There are few rows of braids that start on the left and the right sides of the head. They go to the opposite direction diagonally and create multiple crosses at the top.


This look considered as one of the most recognizable. It was extremely popular back in early 2000’s as many famous rappers like Jim Jones, Xzibit etc. used to wear it. However today it’s fancy again so go ahead and try on this super cool style yourself.


Combining various haircuts is definitely trendy in 2016. It is perfect for men with naturally curly hair texture. The front side of the head is cornrows and small Afro can be worn at the back side. This hairdo looks gorgeous and requires almost no extra styling.


This haircut looks great for both men and women. The peak of its popularity was back in 90’s, thanks to fashion icons Maxine from ‘Lining Single’ and Jada Pinkett. Today it’s still trendy yet looks very unique. This bob hairdo suits well for people of different ethnicities and allows creating contemporary and hot appearance.

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