Thursday, August 9, 2018

How To Style A Bed With Pillows - Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

Do the impeccably-styled beds in home decor showrooms and magazines make you want to give up on ever making your own bed again, conceding that no real person could ever achieve such perfection on a regular basis? Not only am I asking for a friend, but I have pertinent eye candy, direct from our very own house tours, that prove otherwise. Here are styles that real life home owners made their actual beds like bosses.

For this look, four pillows in standard pillowcases serve as the base, while two pillows in standard shams and a single bolster pillow add visual interest

A current trend in bedding is reversible duvet covers and mixing prints. This not only provides two options for the main design on show – you can change the look daily – but it adds a fantastic additional feature to a bed when the top of the duvet cover is turned down.

This look makes the case for a simpler style. Recreate it for yourself with two euro sham pillows, two pillows in standard pillowcases, and a single pillow decked out in a standard sham.

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