Friday, August 3, 2018

How To Apply Lipstick Step By Step With Pictures

Every girl dreams of having the perfect pouty lips. Oh no, don’t say you don’t. We know you want them too! So how to get the perfect red pout on point without looking like you took inspiration from Joker of Dark Knight? 

There’s nothing like a little lipstick to brighten your face and add polish to your look. You don’t want it on your teeth, though, and you probably wish it didn’t wear off quite so fast. This video shows how to apply your lipstick properly so it has staying power every time.

Follow These Steps

Apply lip balm
Dot your lip with lip balm to smooth them and reduce crevices. This will help give you an even application of lipstick.

Use a lip liner
Choose a color that matches your lips, not your lipstick. Before drawing a line with the lip pencil, begin by dotting it at various points along the outline of your lips. Then, drawing very lightly, use the liner to connect the dots.

Apply lipstick
Pick up the lipstick and apply the color, starting at the center of the upper lip and moving outward toward one corner. Bring the lipstick back to the center and run it outward toward the other corner. Repeat with the lower lip. To fill in any missing color, dab the lipstick with your pinky, then dot the color onto your lips with the finger.

Blot your lips
To blot, which will make lipstick last longer and keep it off your teeth, take a facial tissue and fold it in half. Hold it in two hands, with the fold facing you, then bring it between your lips and press your lips together gently. Release. To make lipstick last even longer, dust a little powder on the tissue before blotting.

Tip: Avoid deep reds if you have thin lips. They tend to make lips look smaller.

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