Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Summer Short Hairstyle For Man - Men's Classic Short Hairstyles

Summertime is all about being active and social in the heat. That’s why hair needs to be short enough to keep you cool and stand up to some activity, all while looking great.

To stay fresh and stylish out there, these summer hairstyles for men cut hair short, work with hairs texture or make a statement. Check them out! All of these cuts have a special something while working well when the temperatures rise.

Skin Fade + Hair Design notoriousbarbers-skin-fade-with-hair-design
Summer is the perfect time for a bolder, more playful look. A skin fade is a canvas for a hair design, from the simple to the complex.

Waves + High Taper
Of course the easiest option for summer is to go short, really short. That doesn’t mean sacrificing style though. Instead of buzzing your head at home, hit up the barbershop for a fresh fade and some smooth waves.

 Pomp Skin Fade

Another way to keep hair looking great when it’s hot out is with some serious product. This cool pomp is styled with something like Layrite or Suavecito for hold that doesn’t quit.

Textured Crop

A high skin fade makes sure this cut keeps you in cool in any weather. Thick hair on top is in a short crop with texture that adds shape and keeps cuts out weight.

 Short Haircut

This short haircut is perfect for guys with a busy and active lifestyle. Whether you’re biking to work, hitting the gym at lunch or just hitting the snooze button, it looks great with no styling.

Short Textured Cut

This textured crop is a huge trend this year. It does more than just look good. Lots of layering means hair is easy to style, with or without product, and lightens up thick hair.

 Side Pomp + Undercut

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