Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Here are worthy hairstyles to inspire you and select some looks you can adopt for yourself in 2018.

Medium Layered Haircut
This stunning cut with discreet layers and subtle honey highlights looks incredible on fair complexions. To achieve the seamless style, your longest locks must graze the shoulders, while the top layers are cut gradually shorter. Besides the fact that it looks great, the hairdo is also quite easy to maintain – complete the look with side-swept bangs on the front and style the tips with a round brush.

Golden Short Hairdo
Short, simple, and sweet. This is one hairstyle that any woman can go for, irrespective of her age. This hassle-free hairdo comprises of a sleek blond bob with a side partition. You can let your hair loose without second thoughts. You can opt for it either for its modernistic charm or just because it’s pure fun!

This hairstyle is definitely going to make you look like a seasoned weather Jon. It adds wisdom to your face, yet is uber cool and casual. Short and no fuss, this cropped hairstyle will help you take your style up a notch and make the other ladies jealous!

Salt And Pepper Bob With Short Fringes
Be it a teenager or a woman, a bob is one of those few hairstyles that can be flaunted by one and all. So why should it be any different for women who have crossed the 50 mark? There’s a whole new way to go for the bob now! Let your gray hair be styled into a stylish salt and pepper short bob. And that your peers would be jealous of your style is an understatement.

Gray Tousled And Cropped Hairdo
Now that we’ve established age is just a number, you ladies can proudly opt for this tousled gray cropped hairdo. Simple and natural looking, this minimalistic hairdo just gives you a carefree aura in the second innings of your life! Go for this upbeat hairstyle and prove that you can go casual too!

Gray Layered Bob With Bangs
Layers are uber stylish to sport, quite needless to say. A nicely done layered hairdo just can’t go wrong. So go ahead and get that layered haircut to simply up your style game. The bangs will be an extra bonus in giving you a youthful and chic look!

Short Brown Bob With Blond Streaks
Streaks have been a rage since they set foot on the trend globe. Seek out this hairstyle for a more causal and hep approach for your next hairstyle reinvention. Streak your hair blond at places and then go for a short bob haircut. The fusion of streaks with the brown bob is sure to turn heads and totally take your style up by a notch!

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