What Do Men Find Most Attractive In A Woman - Physical Traits

Science can put a man on the moon, turn sunlight into electricity, and now science can answer the age-old question: "What do men really find attractive?"

The Ideal Body Ratio
Studies show that men prefer a smaller waist and larger hips. Apparently, the ideal for a female body is a waist to hips ratio of 7:10.

It's not all about men, though. Feeling your best will help you project confidence, making you more attractive to the rest of the world. 

Waist to Hip Ratio — 7:10

The waist and hips are important factors in child bearing, so when a man sees a more favourable body ratio, he's subconsciously more attracted to you. 

Attractive Female Voice
Research shows that a higher-pitched female voice is more likely to be considered attractive to men. So go ahead and let out those girlish squeals! 

Beautiful, Shiny Hair
Men really do like shiny, healthy hair. (Don't we all?)

Smiling is another attractive physical feature. Studies show that women who smile more frequently are seen as more attractive to the other sex.

Less Makeup
Rejoice ladies! The natural look is in. According to research, men preferred women who wore up to 40 per cent less makeup than the average woman

Natural Beauty
So forgo that heavy foundation, for a lighter, more natural look. 

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