Summer Outfits For Curvy Shapes - Amazing Styling Tips

Try boyfriend shorts to keep your booty covered without hiding your curves. 
Short shorts can be a little uncomfortable if you have a curvy booty — they ride up and basically become underwear. Cuffed boyfriend shorts that hit at your mid-thigh are totally on-trend and still show off your gorge curves.

Go for loose halter tops over tight tanks to avoid underarm chafing. 
When it's especially hot and humid out and you're running around outside, underarm chafing from tight tank tops can be a literal pain. A breezy halter allows your underarms to breathe and still looks totally flirty.

Rock a hi-low hemline to keep your dress from flying up in the back. 
It's too hot for tights, but your booty can make dresses ride up in the back, so when it gets windy, you have to scramble to avoid flashing the entire hallway. Hi-low dresses are longer in the back so you can show some leg without showing your underwear, too.

Crop tops FTW."I know showing off a little bit of tummy can be horrifying when we’re so often taught it’s a part of the body worthy of shame," says Ospina. But actually? "Crop tops tend to look AMAZING on fuller-figured girls. Something about them shows off just the right amount of sexy curves. And that can definitely be empowering!"

Try some thigh-highs or knee-highs.
Knee-highs and thigh-highs "elongate the legs, add a certain kind of sass, and they make for a far quirkier outfit than your run-of-the-mill ankle socks," says Ospina. "I love combining mesh tights (preferably polka dot) with thigh-highs on top. Something about the combo really does make thicker legs look awesome and sexy, and it’s a styling trick ideal for this season."

 And don't hide from your curves.Wearing oversized clothes aimed at camouflaging your body can actually make you look bigger than you are. By embracing your curves, you'll find that clothes are actually more flattering.'

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