Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Summer Nails Colors, Nail Design Pictures

Hey, girl: summer is in full swing! So how about getting a super-cool and fun summer manicure to go with that cute bikini of yours? Here is a fine selection of unique nail designs that you simply HAVE to try before the summer ends.

Beach nail designs

Let’s start off the list with some beautiful nail designs, all of them related to everyone’s favorite place: the beach. Although they may seem quite elaborate, these nail designs are easy to do by yourself. Start off with a light blue background, which you can also turn into an ombre design if you feel extra-fancy. After that, start embellishing! Seashells, starfish, a shining sun or even some small palm trees will be perfect to complete the look.

Mermaid nail designs

Planing on swimming in the ocean all summer long? Then a mermaid nail design will go perfectly with your love of water. These unique nail designs are inspired by the tail of the mermaid and feature a beautiful ombre background decorated with fine, fish-scale like designs. If you feel like going the extra-mile, add small pearls, sequins or seashells to finish of the design.

Palm tree nail designs

Last but not least, palm trees nails are spectacular and easy to do. Just like in the case of the other designs, start with a base color. Then, using a fine brush, a sharpie or another fine instrument, start tracing the contour of your palm trees. When you’re done, switch to a larger brush to fill in the design. Don’t be afraid to go all out when it comes to colors, you’ll have the coolest nail on the beach!

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