Summer Hairstyles For Medium Hair - Cute & Easy

Instead of fighting with your hair, we've rounded up a set of hairstyles that are not only simple to do, but will also hold up on the hottest of summer days. 

 Smooth Low Ponytail
A low ponytail is a staple hairstyle in any season, but we particularly love how easy but polished it looks even on the most humid days. 

Chunky Top Knot 
The slightly messy texture of the bun makes it more current. “Let it have its imperfections-it softens the overall look.” To pull-off a similar look, Ess suggests using larger bobby pins-“the smaller ones tend to move around too much”-and finishing with a generous blast of strong hold hairspray. “

Shiny Waves
Instead of sacrificing shine by weighing your curls down with products to keep them in place, use a multitasking serum after you've bow-dried and styled your strands with a curling iron. 

Fashion Ponytail 
 Follow the natural line of your cheekbone when pulling your hair back. And when in doubt, aim higher.

Low Maintenance Updo

 Braided Ponytail
If a high ponytail is your go-to hairstyle, upgrade your everyday look by adding a few random one-inch plaits to the base of your pony 

 Half Updo
A strict and smooth center part is the key to this retro-inspired look. Pull hair back on either side of the head, making sure the ears stay covered, before securing with criss-crossed bobby pins on the back of the head

Twisted Bun
On either side of your head, roll back the strands along your hairline, adding more hair as your work your way backwards, just like you do with a French braid. 

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