What To Do For Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

Sometimes college guys get a bad rap. We hear stories all the time about players, guys who never respond to texts and those who only want to hook up.  To quote our girl Taylor Swift, aren’t there any guys out there who are more “Today Was a Fairytale” and less “I Knew You Were Trouble”?  But don’t worry, collegiettes; there are college guys out there who really appreciate the meaning of romance, and on the most amorous day of the year, they know how to pull out all the stops to give their girlfriends the romantic memories they deserve.

 Read on for the  cutest things college guys have done for their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.

 You Tottaly Forgot And Now It's Last-Minute
Take a breath -- before you freak out that you’ve put yourself into the dog house, remember that there are even last-minute romantic things and last-minute Valentine's Day gifts you can do to make her smile. Unless you confess to your tardiness, you don’t even have to brave a little white lie, as long as you press your nose to the grindstone and get started. Since you already forgot to pinpoint February 14, you might need help brainstorming solutions. After talking to your guy friends, see what you can put together to really surprise her and throw her off your case. Buy rose petals at the florist and make a scavenger hunt for her around the apartment, all with reasons she’s wonderful, hot, sexy, smart, etc. Or personally deliver flowers to her office and treat her to lunch on Valentine’s Day. The biggest thing to remember about this holiday is to just make it special for her -- and for your love.

 You're Broke Newlyweds

If you’re recently hitched, you definitely don’t need us to reiterate that weddings are expensive. From demands from your parents and father-in-law to your bride’s deep-rooted desire to have the dress and the cake of her dreams, there’s plenty of budgets you managed together to make your big day memorable and unique. If you just got married last year, you’re likely still working on getting your savings back to where they were pre-nuptials. This can cause stress in your relationship, since so many couples argue over finances and how to create a plan for the future they both agree on. Take a step away from the dollar-sign chit-chat and consider a sentimental gift instead. How so? The weekend of Valentine’s Day, while your wife is out running errands, make it your mission to recreate a smaller version of the magic from the day you said “I do.” Start by bringing out those wedding photos, picking up a cake similar to the one you had at your reception, buying the same flowers that were in her bouquet and grabbing a nice bottle of champagne. Then, take the time to write a loving card about your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. Here, you can detail all of your hopes for your future, including the many cupid celebrations you’ll spend on trips abroad when you have a bit more in the bank, and the ones you’ll share with the children you haven’t had yet. She will love the sweet attention to detail, and might even be inspired to recreate some of that super-hot, gotta-have-my-husband-right-now honeymoon sex, too. There are also a number of cheap Valentine's Day gifts for her to choose from if you're feeling a little uninspired, bouquet-wise.

 You've Been Dating Over A YearYou’ve reached the point where some of the spark and the honeymoon stage has passed, and you’re learning to settle into one another. It’s at this point where you want to take a big step and see how you fair it together. Since Valentine’s Day is a long weekend this year (thanks, President’s Day!) - book a getaway, just for the two of you. Look for last-minute flight deals or pick something secluded and sweet a few hours from your home city. Getting out of your normal routine will bring some of that gotta-have-you kind of sex you miss.

You've Just Said "I Love You" RecentlyIf you’re at the point where you’re finishing phone calls, sentences, text messages and bedtime romps with those three words, Valentine’s Day is likely one of the first romantic holidays that you and your girl will share together. While Cupid’s busiest day of the year might have felt over-commercialized and unnecessary in the past, when you’re smothered in those feel-good vibes, the holiday might take on a rosier meaning to you. Let your gushy heart be your guide, and go full-throttle on the romantic gestures, starting with flowers. Many women enjoy a surprise bouquet (especially if you remember she prefers wildflowers over roses) delivered to their offices, where they can brag about the dude that was thoughtful enough to send them. Pro tip: In this case, sending flowers to her office will really flatter her. According to OrganicBouquet.com, the majority of flower orders are placed on February 11 -- so beat the rush and order some now. When she receives them, not only will her co-workers ohh-and-ahh, making her feel special and loved, but we bet she’ll surprise you with something sexy in return.

You're Going Through A Rough PatchRegardless of how long you’ve been together, sometimes, things just aren’t easy in a relationship. Even when you love the other person dearly, you won’t always see eye-to-eye on everything. How come? It’s impossible. Each party in a party-for-two comes from a different background, causing them to struggle with a variety of issues that may or may not have been in your control; many couples must wade through these argument-filled patches to find the brighter, harmonious other side. If you’re going through a tough time with your girl, take the time to write a long, kind and open letter to her. Here, you can detail all of the unique, impressive qualities that made you attracted to her in the first place, along with the reasons why you’re fully committed to improving your relationship and your bond in the months, years and decades to come. Within these pages, you can also suggest a date at one of your shared favorite restaurants, followed by a nice wine bar. If your budget allows, you can also purchase a meaningful gift that could represent this shift in your couplehood -- whether it’s an infinity necklace, a potted plant you’ll both take care of, or a framed image from happier times you want to return to. Getting out of your home and out of the routine that’s messing with your twosome may help to open up the dialogue to get your relationship or marriage back on track.

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