Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas - Natural Romantic Makeup

Love is in the air. Love for lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, lashes, liner, and, well, we could go on. Spend this Valentine’s day with your true love: makeup. Ahead, inspiration for your Saint Valentine’s day makeup look. Whether you spend it with a boo or with your friends, you know the one who has always been there to hold you up: your product stash.

Youthful Red 

Take a classic red lip one step further with a layer of shine. Add a gloss to your favorite red for a youthful look like Blackish

The Cat Eye

give yourself double-winged liner complete with strategic placements of gold shadow at the inner and outer corners.

Flossy Glossy  

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: Lip gloss is back. Why not go au naturale, but apply a coat of gloss for shine?

Purple Haze 

Who says you have to stick to the red lip rule? Be adventurous and go for a berry lip like Lupita. Pair with a smokey eye for the ultimate sultry look. For a deep blackberry purple try Makeup Forever’s matte lipstick

Modern Romance

A thick layer of eyeliner in a deep black and a soft gloss-topped pink is a romantic look fit for the most romantic day of the year. Add a light shimmer to the tear duct to make the whites in your eyes pop. Use the same color on the brow bone for added highlight

Wonder Lip

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