Friday, January 19, 2018

Male Primary School Teacher Clothes

Blazers – Jackets

The tight fitting blazer is a huge winner. It states you’re bang on trend but also goes with anything. Also bomber jackets and any other jacket are statement pieces on their own.  Juts choose what reflects you and your classroom image


Don’t dress like your students.  

When parents walk into a school they should be able to tell that you are a teacher and not someone from 21 Jump Street.  So although you may think it makes you more relatable when you wear baggy jeans; it doesn’t.  Set the tone and get the respect.
No more dad jeans.  

A good pair of jeans really elevate your look, so enough with the mid-blue-wash tapered jeans that I see so many males wear.  Jeans shouldn’t go in at your ankle no matter you age.  Ad skinny jeans?  Maybe if you are a rock star in disguise.

Do the bend over test.  Just like women shouldn’t be showing too much, neither should you. Whether it’s belly or butt, no one needs to see it.  An old physics teacher of mine wore sweaters that were too short in the front.  As a 9th grade student trying to focus on physics it was insanely distracting to see the bottom part of his stomach hang out.  Ask someone’s opinion of unsure.

Do wear deoderant.  I am not accusing male teachers of all smelling, but when I went to school a lot of them did.  Males just tend to sweat more, so stash a dedoderant in your classroom and re-apply during lunch.  Your students will thank you for it (and so will the other teachers).

Think color.  Male teachers seem to be afraid of color for no apparent reason.  You do not have to embrace pink or any shade of red to incorporate color into your wardrobe but just a pop of green and blue goes a long way.  Even a tie in an opposite color of your shirt will be a step in the right direction.
Think 50’s and 60’s chic.  And I don’t mean all Mad Men here, but vests and cardigans will substitute nicely for an suit jacket.  Why not add some fun to your wardrobe?  You are after all a role model for all of those boys you teach.
Do find your style.  Whether it’s bow-ties or tweed jackets, v-necks or ties; find something you like and then perfect it.  Make it you and do it well.  Being stylish does not have to mean spending a lot of money or being self-obssessed, it just means you care about your job and the singals that you send to the community.  So take as much pride in what you wear as how you teach; it is all part of the package.

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