Matching Christmas Outfits For Siblings - For Both Boys & Girls

I’m a sucker for coordinated sibling outfits. Especially on toddlers. On older kids, for some reason — meh. Not so much. Perhaps it has something to do with all that pudge, all of those little appendages that still curl up into your arms for magical kisses and bedtime lullabies.

The fleeting years of toddlerhood, (I can say that, now that my boy is officially a kid!) wherein you can get away with dressing up your children in matching holiday ensembles is of the magical stuff that memories are made of. To me anyways.

If you like me and have no shame in doing the matching outfit thing with your toddler siblings, then rejoice! I’ve found some fabulous handmade options here just in time for the holidays …

Nothing contrived here, just straight up classy adorableness.. Love this warm, natural, classic 

Simple, casual and adorable holiday shirts. This is something that toddlers can lay around in. They are totally comfortable yet still represent the holidays in an adorable way!

Who has two little girls? Or a little sister and big sister? Do these dresses come in adult sizes? Is it wrong that I immediately envisioned my daughter and I in this matching set? You did too, don't lie! Absolutely divine.

This look is casual, yet still completely put together for pictures under the tree, a day  at the tree farm or a casual and comfy Christmas day at home! I like how so many of these outfits have mix and match capabilities.

The Whole Family 

Red Satin 


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