How To Wear A Fur Coat Casually - Stylish Way For WOMEN

Faux fur coats are having a bit of a moment right now, and considering the chillier weather that’s to come, I think that’s something we can all embrace. Sure, faux fur might not be quite as warm and soft as real fur, but it’s also something you can wear without feeling like a murderer, am I right? ANYWAY, furry and fuzzy coats are still cozy and comfy, fake or not, and I think you should seriously consider getting one! They’re glamorous, fabulous, and so fun to wear.

That said, they can also be a little difficult to wear, because they have a tendency to be extra AF. A few years ago, someone bought me a faux fur coat, and I was stoked about it. But every time I wore it, I felt like it made me stand out too much. It automatically made every outfit look a little more fancy, and it ended up making me feel a little awkward. If you can relate to that, check out the outfit ideas below – they prove that you can wear a faux fur coat and not look like you’re trying to be some sort of glamorous old movie star, or something. Check out these outfit ideas on how to wear faux fur coats and get ready to be your coziest yet this winter:

1. You can give your coat a more casual spin by wearing it with jeans, a graphic tee, and sneakers. Easy! 

2. It also looks a little more casual with a  skirt and combat boots – it’s kind of an unexpected mix that works. 

3. Or stay on the more simple side! A faux fur coat with a cozy sweater, jeans, and over the knee boots is a perfect winter outfit

4. Instead of a solid color fur coat, pick something like this one, which is almost patchwork. It’s so unique and cool looking.

5. Grab a black faux fur coat, and wear it with all black for an effortlessly cool look that’s warm and cozy

6. A longer shaggy coat makes jeans and flats work for a winter look

7. A leopard print faux fur coat can be a little extra, but it looks just right when paired with a graphic tee and jeans.

8. Of course, you can also dress up a faux fur coat. It looks right at home with a tight dress and a pair of heels for a night out.

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