Holiday Hairstyles For Short Hair - Easy Styles For Women

Why should girls with long, flowing locks have all the fun? Those of us who have made the cut to shoulder length or above aren’t short on styling options, though you wouldn’t know it from the endless sea of mid-back ombre waves on Pinterest. We all know that short hair lends itself well to accessories — there’s no better canvas for a sparkly band or statement barrette than a bob or pixie (hair, not Geldof). But what if we want to change up the style itself for a little extra wow? We searched high and low for holiday styling options for the short-haired among us, and behold:

 Retro Bouffant

With a few strategically placed bobby pins and a bit of teasing, you can create a retro-inspired bouffant that will add volume and dimension to your short hair. Try adding a sparkly headband for a fun holiday look!

Twisted Half-Up

If you’re looking for a quick way to tame messy waves, try out this easy tutorial. This twisted-half-up utilizes the volume and texture from unruly second-day hair to create a chic and modern party hairstyle.

Simple Updo
This simple updo tutorial is perfect for women with a short bob hairstyle. By pinning up the short pieces in the back and allowing the front curls to frame the face, you’ll create a stunning hairstyle worth of the red carpet.

The Twisted Phonytail

If your short hair creates a thin and lackluster ponytail, try this genius “phonytail” tutorial that cleverly pins small pieces of hair to create a thicker and more glamorous ponytail!

Soft Beach Waves

Short hair is notoriously difficult to call, but this step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to create pretty soft saves with a flat iron.

Faux Updo

For those who are a bit timid to attempt a complicated updo, try this faux updo by Keiko Lynn. After creating the styled look, she demonstrates how you can easily camouflage any flaws with a beautiful silk scarf or bandanna.

Full Pony

Fake a fuller pony with a little backcombing action.

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