Grey Hairstyles Trend - Best Hairstyles For Grey Hair

As women age, our hair goes through changes along with the rest of our bodies. It may lose lustre, become thinner, or completely transform in texture, and at some point it will almost certainly go gray. While many women choose to fight gray hair for as long as possible, recent changes in our beliefs about feminine beauty being explicitly linked to youth have led many more middle-aged and senior women to embrace the natural shades of their aging hair.  Allowing yourself to go gray saves time and money, while projecting an air of confidence that beauty is not age dependent. We’ve compiled  examples of gray hair styles to give middle-aged and senior women the motivation they need go au naturel.

Medium Natural Grey Curls

For many women, hair becomes more coarse as it turns gray, and this in turn affects how easy it is to style. Long natural curls may become less responsive to smoothing products, and more likely to appear frizzed out instead of luscious. This hairstyle brings natural curls into a chin length style that’s more manageable, but still long enough to show them off.

Grey and Layered

Grey hair can still look youthful, thanks to today’s haircuts that incorporate long layers for slightly curled tips. Mature women look best with hair that is no longer than just below the shoulders – this ‘do is a great feminine alternative to shorter hair.

Dance Floor Ready
Loose waves add a visually intriguing dimension to gray tresses. The grey hair trend looks exceptionally fabulous on lengthier locks. The waves create an interactive light and dark contrast that changes according to lighting and movement of the hair. So dance the night away, everyone is watching.

Retro Blend
You often cannot go wrong with retro fashion and new hair trends. So why not add your own flavor to the style? A complementing blue and purple highlight mix gives the bob cut an extra personal touch.

Banging Bangs
The current trend is not void of hair styles for those rocking bangs. This glorious style with silver, light ash brown and blue highlights is perfect for a lady with bangs who wants to rock beautifully-colored free-flowing locks.

 Silver Streaks
Run, do not walk, to your trusted hair stylist and have him or her hook you up with this grey hair dye and cut. Perfect for an interview, a night out, or cuddle times. The style is not only full of body but has a feminine charm about it.

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Bob Cut with Bangs
Truly, any regular old style can host the new hair trend. Beware as some cuts may age you – however, dark roots sort that out quickly and elegantly. It’s a look that keeps on giving as your hair grows out too

Timeless Punk Style

Beautiful Grey Curls

Gorgeous grey A-line hair

Side bangs


Bob Hairstyle

Grey layered blue 

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