Ombre Nail Color & Design Ideas - DIY

The ombre hair color trend hasn't faded yet (ha!), and it's now being adopted by nail art aficionados. Gradient color combinations are endless, so if you're not sure where to start, check out these expertly executed ombre manicures for some ideas.

Textured Accents

This pretty, pink-to-white ombre gets a magical upgrade with a textured finish made to look like unicorn horn swirls on just the ring fingers.

French Fade

Often called "baby boomer nails"

Deep Reds with black


A touch of gold chrome nail powder

Sherbet Pastels

Why do just two shades? If you've got super-long nails, there's room for more! This blend of five pastel shades, topped off with Sinful Colors' Hazard

Black and Blue / with White

This glossy, black-to-blue ombre looks incredible

Purple with White/ Black/Blue

Yellow Ombre

Black Color


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