Monday, November 6, 2017

Thanksgiving Costume Ideas - For Both Adults & Kids

Halloween isn’t the only holiday for costumes! Thanksgiving is one of the best occasions of the year for a family get-together, which means it’s also a good time to have fun with dressing up.

Thanksgiving costumes might be the most appropriate for school and church plays and pageants, but any family celebration can definitely do with a few accessories, too. Just a couple of items, like pilgrim hats, can be great ways to make family photo ops fun. Here are our ideas for Thanksgiving dress-up fun for the whole family.

Recreate the first Thanksgiving by dressing up your family in clothes and costumes just like the ones that the Pilgrims wore. Won’t everyone look adorable with those laced-up bonnets and wide-brimmed hats? Costumes reflecting Native American inspired looks fit with the theme, too.

Grown-ups can also join in the fun. Pilgrim costumes for adults, as well as Native American costumes, can be worn to match the kids for a family photo. Or, just wear them as a joke to embarrass your family members a little bit. That’s always fun!

There’s more to children’s Thanksgiving crafts than handprint turkeys! Here are some fun ideas for crafts we’ve tracked down that you and your children can create together. (Or, use these ideas to keep all the kids occupied on Thanksgiving while the grown-ups finish preparing the celebration.)

Pilgrim headbands: This cute D.I.Y. dress-up idea from Cindy on Alpha Mom is easy enough for anyone to create with basic materials. Follow the step-by-step tutorial and use the free printable template to make fun Pilgrim hat headbands out of cardboard and construction paper.

Pilgrim bonnets: Large construction paper or white poster board becomes an easy D.I.Y. Pilgrim bonnet with just a few folds, cuts, and a length of white ribbon. Visit the link for the full how-tos on Skip To My Lou.

Native American-inspired necklaces: To craft your own Thanksgiving jewelry alongside your children, you’ll need some colored wooden beads, feathers, and string from the craft store, as well as some paper cups. Cut the top ring off the cup, and string it together with yellow and orange feathers and beads.

Festive feather hunt: This game is a Thanksgiving-themed twist on the classic Easter egg hunt. Simply take a package of colorful craft feathers and hide them in different places around the house. Who will be able to find the most? Feathers can be used afterward for headbands and other costume jewelry pieces.


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