Mens Winter Fashion Essentials - Every Guy Should Need

The clocks have gone back, and the days are much shorter now — that means it’s only going to get colder from here on out. If you haven’t done so already, it's time to prepare your closet for winter's typical, and sometimes plain brutal, temperatures.
If you're looking for some new items to supplement your existing threads, or you're looking to replace a few of last year's favorite pieces, you've landed on the right page though. We have the 14 things that will complete your seasonal wardrobe below.

A wool beanie

It's winter. Burr! But dude, you're not 8 anymore. It's time to put away—actually, throw away—the Michelin Man winter ensemble and start dressing like a real man.

You know your favorite wool cap that looks great but itches like crazy? Replace it with cashmere. Sure, it's pricier than wool, but comfort is priceless, right? It's goes best with a solid, neutral color like black or navy since you probably own more than one winter coat. Stripes are okay. 

The Power Scarf

In the middle of winter, a scarf with a bit of color and texture can help wake up your look, especially since your coat is probably black or gray. Look for playful patterns like checks and plaids to give your style some depth. We like these wool and soya blend scarves because they're extra lightweight and soft, and they have a slightly crinkly, lived-in quality. 

A good layering sweater

Like we said earlier, winter is all about layering your clothes, then layering them some more.

Sweaters are essential layers for keeping warm this winter. There are tons of styles and materials to choose among, too

The 4-in-1 Coat

At first glance, this coat looks lightweight: built for spring or fall. Look closer and you'll find it has a reversible, removable, quilted liner with a shearling fleece collar that keeps you warm to 0 degrees, and a water-repellent nylon shell. 

 A snow boot

The weather forecast is about as predictable as, well, the weather. This winter (and every winter), you should have a reliable pair of snow boots on your shoe rack — to combat freezing rain, snow, sub-zero wind chills, and whatever else Mother Nature churns out.

The Warmest Gloves

Women notice a guy's hands—even their gloved hands. These chocolate leather gloves are shearling—a sheepskin that's gotten a lot to TLC during the manufacturing process—so they're extra soft and warm. They're also tough, protecting against winter's worst. The silver buckle is a subtle but sophisticated finishing touch. You won't want to take them off when you arrive at your destination. But please do.

Socks, But Not Just Any Socks

Cashmere socks. Sure, they're expensive, but get over it. How often do you treat your feet to something luxuriously soft? Warning: Your girlfriend will probably steal them. We say cuff her! 


A proper wool overcoat

All-weather parkas and puffer jackets are best suited for inclement weather. Wool peacoats and topcoats, on the other hand, are best suited for slightly nicer winter days when you’re commuting to the office or attending more formal events. As a general rule: Wear the latter when it's cold, but not blizzarding outside.

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