Friday, October 20, 2017

White Shirt Style For Man - Ways To Wear White Shirt

A white shirt is a classic staple that every man should have in his wardrobe arsenal. This style guide will show you how to wear this classic three ways.

The white shirt. One of the staple items that gets ignored time and time again because it seems just a little bit boring. It’s not something that’s only for the office though, and there are more ways to wear it than you’d think.

Casual (sort of)

Sometimes you don’t feel like parading around in a logo filled t-shirt, but a plain white one looks too much like you’re doing DIY. A white shirt is the perfect alternative when you want something casual but still a little done up. If you pick a texture like cotton then it’ll have a less crisp finish and you won’t look like you’re wearing your office shirt.

You can also try a shirt with more interesting additions to it, to try and step back from the plain formality of office wear. Try buttons that stand out, or a different neck. Anything that makes it stand out a little more.

There isn’t a lot that’s more casual than jeans, so they’re the perfect choice if you want the laid back look. A slim fit pair of jeans compliment’s everyone and is loose enough that you can easily tuck in your shirt without having awkward bulges (don’t think too much about that). As for the jeans colour, a light shade will look less formal, but the thing about white is that it goes with pretty much anything, so you’re free to choose whatever colour you like best.

Smart casual

With a smart casual look you can afford to go a little smarter, and this can easily be done with accessories. If you’re wearing jeans, add a leather belt or a pair of loafers.

It’s also easy to with smart casual to mix styles together to create something different. Pair a casual shirt with a smarter blazer. Swap jeans for casual chinos and slip on a pair of loafers rather than boots. As long as one aspect of your outfit is casual then you won’t look over dressed.
man smart casual white shirt


When it comes to dressing smartly, sometimes simplicity is best. Too many bells and whistles can make an outfit look messy, so focus on the fit and material of your clothes over design.

Find a shirt that is long enough to tuck into your trousers, and that isn’t too loose or tight on the body. Then pair with a slim fit pair of trousers, and add a black belt if you want. Leather shoes are best on your feet and they’ll compliment your outfit. Then just complete the look with a jacket that’s the same colour as your trousers and you’re all set. You can add a tie as well, but try to avoid anything too patterned.

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