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Pregnancy Outfits Ideas - Cool Trending Styles For Pregnant Women

Outfits for Pregnant Women. Pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from looking stylish and staying trendy. If you are looking for ideas on how to get a look glamorous look while being pregnant? What are the latest fashion for pregnant women, then this post is for you.

Here we bring amazing outfit combination for pregnant women this season. Whether you are in early weeks or pregnancy or last weeks, we bring some stylish maternity outfits in this collection. From casual maternity style to formal look you can get a lot of ideas from this collection. Scroll down to see how these pregnant women dressed up to have a chic look.

Nowhere it has been written that you can not wear stylish clothes during pregnancy. Pregnant women usually throw their old clothes that do not fit them. You must, in fact, keep the old clothes and redesign them with the help of a professional tailor. With the exception of few clothes that don’t fit you. You can keep them aside. The truth is that when you are expecting a baby and during the last months you need to buy clothes that are loose and flowy. You can then wear them after your pregnancy too so that money doesn’t go to waste. Today we will discuss the top outfits that you should have in your wardrobe during the pregnancy time.

How to use your existing clothes with the maternity wear:

Usually, women throw away their old pieces but you can utilize them smartly and make some amazing outfit combinations. For example, your old scarf, tight or leggings, a favorite handbag, a cool statement necklace can altogether completely pull a maternity look together. Even you can use your cardigans, t-shirts or jackets to wear over your clothes. That way you can hide your baby bump too and look stylish as well.
A great option to wear during the pregnancy are dresses that are flowy such as a wrap dress. These kind of dresses are very classy and they easily pull off the look really well. By being a little creative you can look smart. Other than that you could wear a T-shirt with a blazer on top, a short dress with leggings, cool t-shirt with a jacket and a lot more. You can check out the pictures below for more ideas.

Stylish Clothes for Pregnant women

  1. Pencil skirts? Yes.
"I preferred tighter midi-length pencil skirts while I was pregnant because it accentuated my bump," fashion blogger Tanesha AwasthiI of Girl With Curves told BuzzFeed Life. "I think the key is finding what you're comfortable in and just going with it."

2. Button-ups? Yes and yes.

Get oversized button-ups in either the women's or the men's department. Roll up the sleeves and let the loose material love on your belly. When your bump gets big, wear your button-up open over a tee, according to Sara Qaddoura, curator of e-commerce at London-based fashion startup Not Just A Label.

3. Flared skirts? Why not.

"The flared skirt definitely balances out your proportions, especially at the end of the pregnancy when the belly is so big," says fashion blogger Sara Strand. "The whole belly is less visible—since the skirt isn't high-waisted—and your upper body looks longer."

4. Asymmetrical hemlines? Why yes please and thank you.

"A hemline that's higher in the front won't be so tight on your bump," says Qaddoura. Comfytown USA, here we come!

5. Color-blocking? Cute!

"Color blocking tops can be either really great or seriously awkward," Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere told BuzzFeed Life. "If the color change is higher up and doesn't cut across the largest part of your belly, then yes, go for it! It's a fun way to embrace the bump."

 6. Horizontal stripes? OMG.

"Horizontal stripes were my favourite while I was pregnant," Strand says. "I was really proud of the growing belly, and the stripes showed it off in a nice way."

7. Bright colors? Of course.

"It helps to wear more colorful pieces on the days when you don't feel too good," says Strand. "At least my skin tone looked that much better!"

8. Chunky accessories? Get it, girl.
"I think bold accessories add a hint of luxe and polish to any look, especially when dressing on the casual side of style," says Awasthi. "Adding bold accessories allowed me to feel a bit more put together, which is sometimes hard to accomplish in the later months of pregnancy."

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