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Comfortable Shoes To Wear With Long, Midi & Pencil Skirts For Women

Cute  Shoes with skirts. Skirts never go out of fashion and look good on anybody figure because of the versatile styles they come in. You can mix and match them with different shoes, shirts, and jewelry which is both time and cost-effective. You can experiment with different lengths and pair them up with stunning shoes. There are a variety of footwear choices to pair up with different types of skirts. But which shoes will look best with your skirt? In this article, we’ll be sharing recommended choices of shoes that you can wear with skirts.

Type Of Shoes To Wear With Different Skirt Styles

 How To Pair Shoes with Trumpet Skirts

Trumpet styled skirts always look good with heels like kitten heels or t-strap heels. Flats, boots or wedges should not even be considered to for wearing with this type of skirt.


If you want a little more classic and formal look for parties and night out wth friends or even for date nights then this combo is the one that you have been looking for. For this combo you can need to wear black cropped top with classic brown colored knee length skirt and then wear a thick and prominent belt with it. For the shoes go for black colored gladiators to spice things up.

Pair Up High Top Sneakers With Skirts For A Classy Look

If you want to add extra spice into your combo game and if you want to make your combo full of different textures then go for this brilliant idea to match your outfit. For this combo, you can go for the off-white colored sleeveless shirt and tuck it all the way inside the black leather mini skirt. For the sneakers, go for leopard print slip on sneakers to give your whole outfit an extra hint of spice.

Golden Shoes For A Super Hot Look
Golden color is quite trending these days. Have fun by pairing glittery golden sandals with a blackish skirt and some funky top to give a totally funky look. If you are wearing totally black dress that includes black shirt and black colored knee length skirt and you feel like going for black shoes is going to be too mainstream then switch to pure golden heels. Gold heels go with any colored dress from blue to orange to black. Give this unique combo a try.

Get A Dapper Look With Brogues
People usually think that brogues can only be worn with styles that are guy inspired but that’s not true any more. Try and pair them up with skirts and enjoy the look. For a dashing and chic combo, you can wear gray colored extremely loose top and tuck it in the jet black skirt in a messy way. For shoes, you can go for Brogues in black and gold colors to match the look because you can never go wrong with the combo of black and gold.

 Riding Boots

 Mules With Skirts

You can pair up mid length skirts with soft colored mules but if you want to pair up mules with a mini skirt then go for the ones that are not much delicate. Contrasting colors are always a great idea when trying to find your shoes to match your whole outfit. For this contrasting look, you can go for leopard print skirt in black and white and then wear a formal blouse in pure white color and tuck that blouse all the way inside your skirt. The skirt can be of any length from knee length full length one, It is totally up to you. For the Shoes, go for bright orange-red colored mules to match with your outfit. You can wear any kind of bright colored mules for this outfit.

Stiletto Heels

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