Purple Hair Highlights - Tips For Black Women

Purple Hairstyles for Black Girls. Looking for Black Girls Hairstyles ideas? Or cool purple hairstyles for black teenage girls? Check out this amazing collection. It is quite difficult for black girls to find the shades of hair which suits them.

Now a day’s, there are several hair colors which girls prefer to choose as they want to make themselves more attractive and beautiful. Mostly black girls prefer to choose hair color of their own eyes that can give their hair color a natural look.

If anyone looking for new and fresh ideas then you can find various inspiration with fierce and bold hairs of purple shade. Purple color is as famous as red color. It is bold but gives amazing looks against the darker hues. Strive a dark purple or violet hue for short hair color and if any girl feels hesitation regarding leaping of purple color then use temporary hair dye prior to making the permanent plunge. Teenage/High school girls who love to go funky try these funky purple hairstyles with funky outfits.

Purple Hairstyle Ideas for Black Girls

Along with this shade, it is very important for black girls to choose the right outfit which can suit their complexion. I would recommend you to check these amazing outfit ideas for black girls. We’re sure that the ideas below will make you dye your hair purple today but first, you need to know some tips for choosing the right color and taking care of your purple hair:
    Before going for the dye, choose a color that works well with your skin tone. For instance, liliac is a difficult shade which does not work well for most skin tones. By choosing the right color, you can really flatter your skin tone.

    Prepare your hair well before the dye by oiling or moisturizing it for at least a month. Try to avoid the bleach or use as little of it as possible.

    Do be mentally prepared that the purple color is likely to fade in a few days and it will most probably stain everything such as your pillows and towels.

    If you want to keep the color for as long as possible, choose color safe shampoos and conditioners and was your hair with cold water. It’s better to avoid washing as much as you can though, the same goes for water activities like swimming.

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