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Kids Hairstyles For School - Tips For Little Girls

School’s in session, which means that the race for easy but creative back to school hairstyles is on. When you’re pressed for time, turning to Pinterest for inspiration may sometimes leave you feeling more stressed out than when you started. Avoid the headache by checking out these cute hairstyles for school that are sure to make your child stand out.

Fun and Cute Back to School Hairstyles

The most of the hairstyles listed below feature braided elements, and there are also a couple of cute ponytails, buns and updos. Choose your favorites among lovely simpler styles and more sophisticated and intricate-looking ones.
#1: Checked Braids
Blacknatural hair is often difficult to style. Instead of using styling products that’ll damage your daughter’s curls, put her hair in prettycriss cross braids. Get this protective style by precise sectioning of the parts that run diagonally and result into a high pony from kinky twists.
braided back to school hairstyle for black girls

#2: Fishtail BraidUpdo
As far as braided hairstyles go, this tucked fishtail braid is super quick and easy to do. There are different ways to replicate this cute hairdo, but the most popular way involves dividing your hair into two big sections. Cross and blend the small pieces from one section with the other section.
simple braided back to school updo

#3: Side Inside-Out Braid
The intricate side French braid is one of the top school hairstyles that look great on long and slightlycurly hair. Whether your child is in elementary, middle school or high school, she can pull off this cool look. Decide on how messy or tight you want this hairstyle to be before you start, as the process for these two looks is slightly different.

#4: Headband Braid
Here is a simple but great-looking hairstylefor medium hair. Today a rareback to school hairstyle would be complete without a headband braid. You can also get this awesome look using a fishtail braid. It takes roughly the same amount of time.

#5: Double Crown Braid
Styling shoulder length hair doesn’t have to be a major source of a headache anymore. You’re in luck because double crown braids were practically made for shorter hair. Adding a cute hair clip will really bring everything together.

#6: Braided Half Up, Half Down ‘Do
Is baby hair along the hairline driving you up the wall? Tiny rubber bands are about to become your secret weapon. Hide those pesky strands by moisturizing mixed hair and incorporating them into silken braids. This braided half up, half down hairdo may also suit the kinky curls of naturalistas – it’s surely one of the most stunninghairstyles for school.

#7: Ladder Braids
There’s no hairdo quite like this ladder braid ponytail. The best part is that you can take this look from casual and chic to red carpet worthy. The ladder braid adds some visual thickness to medium and long hair, so it may become any long-haired girl’s go-to style!

#8: Easy Side Braid Ponytail
Ponytails and side braids are two of the biggest high school trends right now. Your teen can lift her school hairstyle to the next level by securing her ponywith her own hair. All she’ll need to do is to wrap a strand around the base of her ponytail for a more polished style.

#9: Lace Braided Bun
This low maintenance bun-inspired updowill compliment your young one’s straight locks. Grab a bun maker or sock to get the maximum volume in five minutes. Because buns can be dressed up or down, they are totally ideal for school dances.

#10: Dutch Side Braid

The Dutch side braid may be pretty simple to copy, but that doesn’t make this age-appropriate look any less stunning. Kids with long andthick hair will appreciate how sleek and low-key this do is. Pin a light flower above her ear for a lovely Rapunzel effect.
#11: Lace Rolled Updo
When it comes to cute hairstyles for school, what can be better than a coolupdo with atwist? This one is adorable beyond words. While pinning flowers in a chignon is fun, accentuating your child’s sleek hair with a lace braid resting on a low roll is even more exciting! Special for any occasion, this low ‘do speaks for itself.
formal braided roll updo for girls

#12: Heart Shaped Twists and a Low Bun
These adorable heart shaped loop twists are just what the doctor ordered. After you blend the side twists together, fix them at the nape with bobby pins to achieve your desired look. This exciting alternative to the traditional braided bun is great for formal occasions.

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