How To Wear Overalls Fashionably - Tips For Girls

When we think of the 80s & 90s fashion, we visualize bell-bottom pants, tie up shirts, crop tops, overalls and so on. Well, this season its time to rock the 90’s fashion again! Back then, crop tops was all over in fashion market and is still ‘in’. And now, overalls are trending high on fashion charts.

Overalls are not just only about baggy pairs, but are available in number of styles and colours. You must have definitely spotted fashion bloggers and fashion icons, seriously rocking overalls in chic styles. All you need to know is how to put together your outfit and carry it with style and confidence. Also, whether you choose long overalls or go with the overall shorts, it is easy to style them and denim overalls for women goes well with almost everything. The chic-iest trend to wear them is of course with a crop top. And for footwear, you can choose from casual sneakers to sexy pumps.

If you’re not sure how to pull it off, get inspired from street style ideas of fashionistas. Here, are 20 ideas on how to wear overalls.

Learn how to wear overalls fashionably

 Add an extra fun element, by pairing it up with light quirky accessories like neckpiece, rings, mobile covers etc.
 For the ultra chic and contemporary look, go for slim-fit overalls and pair it up with classic striped shirt and bright pumps. Wow!
 You can also work around a playful look by teaming it up with a button-down collared shirt and espadrilles.
Wear your overalls over a tube top or bandeau for a casual afternoon outing or for a vacation. Add a cape, kimono jacket or cardigan over it, to make a more trendy statement.
 Say no to mundane colours and splash your look with perky ones. Go for overalls in bright vivid colours like red, yellow and so on instead of blue denims
Carry an overall with its natural playful charm as winter appropriate; Inspired from high street fashion, wear them with a beanie, sneakers, and a chic jacket.
 Keep it simple and comfy, by pairing the loose overalls with a white jersey tee and sneakers for an effortless style.

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