How To Wear High Heels With Jeans - Tips For Women

Jeans Outfits in Heels. All women simply love wearing heels. Heels not only make women look taller but heels enhance their posture and give grace and elegance to their walk. There are a great many numbers of heels available in the market. It becomes very difficult to decide which one is the best pair to wear.

Whichever type of shoes you choose to wear, boots, pumps, wedged, sandals, pointy front or peep toe, heels are available in every shape, size, and style. Heels go with a wide variety of outfits, however, the combination of heels and jeans is smart, stylish and chic. It is for both casual and formal occasions because jeans give a casual vibe but jeans enhance it to a formal level.

How to Wear Heels with Jeans

While wearing jeans take care of these following guideline. Wear the right size of heeled shoes. It might seem a silly common sense advice to give to anyone however according to stylists, the number one mistake most women make while wearing heels is not buying the right size for their shoes. Heels are seldom very comfortable and if the size is not right too, then you will end up with serious foot aches. RECOMMENDED: Trending Heels Which Should be Part of Your Closet
    The second is again a commonsense guideline but a number of times women make this mistake too. Do not wear high heels if you are going for a rough camping weekend. Don’t wear heels for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking or running. If you are about to wear a specially high heel to an event make sure it would require you to run a marathon. You can end up in hospital in that case.
    Do not wear heels if you have back pain leg cramps issues. Ask the advice from a doctor first.
    Whenever you are under a lot of work stress try to wear the most comfortable pair of heels. For example when you hosting your child’s birthday party and are responsible to take care of a bunch of boisterous kids. Or when you are hosting a big dinner party at your home and there is no catering.
    Try to take breaks from heels and avoid wearing tall and delicate heels for very long periods of time. Whenever you get few minutes, just kick them off for a few minutes and relax your feet.

Other than the few above exceptions you are free to wear heels with confidence and poise. Remember anyone can wear heels, it just needs a little practice to master the stylish walk along with heels.

Ankle Boots With Jeans And Heels

Ankle boots with high heels look great with jeans and heels. Shorter heels in ankle boots can give you a strong cowgirl type look while higher and more delicate look will go well with skinny jeans and a casual blouse or even a t-shirt. Here are some cool Outfits with Combat Boots- 22 Ideas How to Wear Combat Shoes
Top To Toe Denim Look with Tall Heels
Top to toe denim look is sometimes hard to pull off but pair it with a carefully chosen pair of high heels and you can easily pull it off 
 Going To School Look With Jeans And Heels
With jeans and heels, there is little more you need to do to make your style statement at school or college.
 Plus Size Women

Even if you are a plus size do not shy away from wearing jeans with heels. It is a combination that you can easily pull off.
Office Outfit With Jeans And Heels
Jeans and heels is a combination that you can try at the office too. Wear a formal top and a couple of accessories to complete the look for office.

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