Saturday, September 2, 2017

How To Wear Extensions With Thin Hair - Tips For Ladies

How to Wear Extensions. Are you among those women who term a bad hair day equals a bad day? If yes, then there is nothing surprising as from centuries there is a deep relationship between women’s hair and her confidence.

As silky, shiny, and dense hair boost the self-esteem of a woman, in the same way dry, frizzy, and split hair ruin her mood and make her feel sad. It’s not necessary that you have some kind of hair issue. There are possibilities that you just have taken a short bob cut and now want luscious long hair look for an upcoming party. Definitely, you can’t wait for them to grow and want a miracle to happen.

The availability of hair extensions has made the miracle possible which not only gives a natural look, but also very easy to apply without the help of any hairstylist. Extensions give you super-sexy and long hair with the option of as much volume as you want to add. Moreover, turn these extensions into different eye-appealing hairstyles like braid, bun, and woven hair. Read the article to learn amazing uses of hair extensions to get a classic and stylish look.

Coloured Extensions for Long Hair
Use colored extensions in smooth and straight hair to give bright pop up. It will enrich the beauty of your hair by highlighting the black shiny texture without dying the natural hair. These subtle highlights give you a stylish look without much effort. All that would be really required of you is to add colored extensions in the bottom half of the head by using a clipper to tie knots with the natural hair. Make sure that the length of the colored extensions and your natural hair is the same while keeping the thickness of the each extension alike.

High Ponytail with Clip In Hair Extension
The ponytail is one of the most favorite hairstyle adopted by women as it lets you whip it out when you want to look pretty and saves your face from messy hair as well. Don’t worry, if you have short hair which prevent you from freely moving a long ponytail in a stylish way and break your dream of looking stunning in a party. Just carefully go through each step of the tutorial and get your desired appearance within a few moments. To keep it secret, don’t forget to match the exact color of the hair extension with your original hair color.

Curly Wavy Look with Hair Extensions
So it has to be your party look where you want to look stylish and gorgeous at the same time. Curly and wavy look require hair in profusion to make the upper bun and let the rest of them on your shoulders. Add extensions at the bottom of your head and curl them with a small barrel iron. Brush the hair to give them a fine look and have your cutest looks ready for a birthday or official party.

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