How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans - In Different Ways

Boyfriend jeans is currently in trend and is here to stay for a long time now. Girls wearing boyfriend jeans look super cool and stylish. If you are wondering what boyfriends jeans look like, well I am here to explain each and every aspect of this latest trend in this post. Here, I will explain what are boyfriend jeans, how to wear boyfriend jeans, what to wear with boyfriend jeans, celebrity boyfriend jeans styles, where you can find best boyfriend jeans and lots more. So, let begin the fun and stylish ride now

What are Boyfriend Jeans?

Boyfriend jeans actually mean wearing borrowed (or even stolen) jeans from your boyfriend. Over the years, wearing boyfriend jeans has become a trend that is loved by all. Now apart from borrowing or stealing your boyfriend’s jeans, you can also buy ready to wear boyfriend jeans for women from the fashion houses. Some well known brands like Gap and forever 21 offer a wide range of boyfriend jeans for women.

How to wear Boyfriend Jeans?
The punch of wearing boyfriend jeans is that it should look a size bigger than what you usually wear. But don’t go for size too bigger than yours. It is suggested that you go just one size up from your regular size. Wearing boyfriend jeans is easier as compared to original jeans for women, as these jeans are less skinny and easy to slip in. Also, you can roll up the hem of your jeans to make your outfit look cool.

Style Boyfriend Jeans for women in different ways:

Now let’s discuss the ways you can stylish boyfriend jeans in 22 different ways. We will also be discussing what shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans, what shirts to wear with boyfriend jeans, different boyfriend jeans outfits and plus size boyfriend jeans outfit ideas.
1. Boyfriend Jeans with Sneakers:
Team up your baggy boyfriend jeans with tailored jacket, white sneaker and cool accessories! This outfit worn by Dakota Fanning is just perfect for a casual winter day out.

2. Boyfriend Jeans with Shirt:
Stunning Eva Mendes looks fabulous and chic in this light washed boyfriend jeans. You can wear a loose striped shirt with your basic blue light-washed boyfriend jeans to add a chic style.

3.  Boyfriend Jeans Work Outfit:
Wear your boyfriend jeans with plain white tee, a black tuxedo blazer and team it up with your favorite heels just like Gwynnie did as shown in this picture.
4. Boyfriend Jeans Outfit While Running Your Daily Chores:
When in doubt, wear your boyfriend jeans with flat slippers and your easy plain shirt just like stylish Selma Blair did. A jhola bag with this outfit is making it a perfect casual 10 on 10 outfit.

5. Crop Tops And Boyfriend Jeans Outfit Idea:
Crop tops look stunning with boyfriend jeans. Don’t believe? Have a look at this outfit worn by Jennifer Aniston. The additional scarf, black leather jacket and brown leather belt is totally making this outfit look chic and stylish.

6. High Waist Boyfriend Jeans:
Wish to look glamorous? Style you favorite stone wash black boyfriend jeans with a trendy rockstar tee and super luxurious leopard print coat just as shown in this picture. Or go Emily Ratajkowski style. Wear a high waisted skinny boyfriend jeans over a slip top and look absolutely stunning.
7. Boyfriend Jeans And Sweater:
Looking for a winter wear? Check out this stunning outfit by Diane Kruger. You can style up your boyfriend jeans with loose pull-over sweaters and flat tip toes for a perfect winter day out.
8. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans:
Wearing jeans in summer can be annoying and here we have a cool thought on how to wear your boyfriend jeans in summer. Yes! You guessed it right! Go the ripped style. Totally ripped jeans can make you look super cool. Get inspired with this stunning outfit worn by Eliza Doolittle and get your boyfriend jeans ripped off from the knees.

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