How To Make Tshirt Jewelly - Easy To Make

Reuse, recycle and repurpose everything! That should be our motto. Most of us tend to throw away our old T shirts that have lost their purpose and charm. But did you know that your poor old t-shirts can actually be turned into some really trendy jewelry? If you want to know more on turning your used t-shirts into quirky necklaces and jewelry, scroll down!
Here are the things you will need for your DIY necklace from t shirt journey

So, before we start with how to make a Tshirt necklace, let’s look at what are the basic materials that we will need for this DIY project. 

Materials Required For DIY T Shirt Necklace

    Soft and old t-shirts (these work the best, because they are easy to style)
    Some copper tubing
    Copper and gold chains
    Golden coloured key rings
    Brass rings
    Jewelry fasteners

Tools Required for DIY T Shirt Necklace
    Scissors which can cut fabric
    Hand saw
    Tube cutter
    Sand paper

Fringed Pipe Necklace
    Cut out small strips of your T-shirt
    Loop it around a decently sized hollow pipe
    Either tie or knot the fringes along the pipe
    Insert a thin golden necklace through the tubing or the pipe

It’s a very casual necklace and you can easily wear it for a date or when going for movies!

Now this one requires a lot of precision because if you cut the t-shirt strips too fat then the beads won’t go in and if you chop them off two thin, they will be too flimsy to hold the beads. The number of strands you will have will have to be according to be how long you want your necklace to be.

    String the beads into the strips and loop the strips through copper tubing.
    Make sure you fasten them well so that they don’t come off.
    The beads will make the strips a little cumbersome, but tying them well will ensure that none of these come off.

T Shirt Necklace With Beads

The best thing to create from old t-shirts is fringed necklaces. They are easy and super fun to make!

    Cut ½ inch strips of your t-shirt and pull them to stretch it.
    Cut them all into chord like shapes and loop around any coloured chain and pull through.
    Tie a topsy tail knot and you are good to go!

Wear it with maxi dresses to bling up your look. Here are some step by step pictures on how to make this necklace:

Braided Chain Necklace
For this one too all you need is a golden or a copper chain and fabric scissors.

    Cut thin but long strips of your t-shirt
    Use different coloured strips to give an accent to your necklace
    Braid it up and then clasp both the ends with a jewelry clasp or a fastener.
    Now entangle the gold or the copper chain into the t-shirt braids
    And you are done!

If you are one of those who love simple jewelry and not the chunky ones, then this one is definitely for you. This one is very similar to the ones you have made before.

    Braid the T-shirt strips onto copper tubing
    Wrap a copper necklace around the t-shirt and loop it through the copper tube
    Fasten the ends with a jewelry fastener

Since this one is a very simple necklace, you can even attach a pendant on the tubing to make it look even better. It’s on the subtle side of the spectrum, so you can thus wear it for formal affairs too.
How to make necklace from t shirt

See, how well you can reuse those old and fluffy t-shirts. Make them into amazing necklaces!

Hope this article on DIY T shirt necklace is helpful. If you have taken inspiration for this post and made something quirky, do not forget to share it with us.

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