Monday, September 4, 2017

Techniques: Diy T Shirt Cutting Ideas - Tips For Girls

With fashion becoming all chic and comfy, t-shirts are totally ruling the current space.
T shirts are like classics, and the best part being, one is never too old to sport t-shirts.
But what if you could give your older pals who are almost dying in your closet a sweet makeover and dress them up to get your fashion game on point.
For all those days when a t-shirt is too boring, and a dress too dressy, give your plain tee’s an upgrade trying some cute ways to cut a t shirt .
A bit of creativity, a pair of scissors and some t shirt cutting tutorials is all what you need to de-construct and re-construct your favourites.

So ladies say no to discarding those lovelies, because we have done the homework for you, having compiled a host of tshirt cutting patterns, to get you rolling.
Just scroll down and take a pick from these cool ways to cut a t shirt and flaunt that designer in you.

Here are some quick DIY’s on how to cut t shirts and wear them the fashionable way.

I’m sure you have tried the different t shirt cutting ideas and cut old t shirts and experimented with different styles, hence here I have for you different ways you could rip the t shirt and make it new:
1. Simply Sleeveless
A simple hack, pick up am old t shirt, maybe the one which has become a little tight for you. Cut the sides of the t shirt till all the way down and leave some 4-5 inches from below. You can decide the width of the shoulder strap you want and cut accordingly. Stretch your cuts so that the fabric doesn’t look like its cut unevenly.
Crop Tops

This one is my ultimate favourite. Crop tops are definitely the biggest trend out there and making one with the existing tees is even easier.

To execute this DIY project idea, first cut t shirt sleeves by the hemline to restore that crop top grunge. Next, widen that neckline, by simply cutting it from being a round neck to more of a boat neck. Now, cut short the length. When cutting the hem, let the sides be shorter and the front longer. Always remember to stretch the cuts you’ve made for it to look crafty and original.

 Do It Yourself – A Winged Back
Now this is not for the beginners. DIY projects like this one, needs some practice and patience too.

Get an old t shirt, a marker and a pair of scissors to make this dragon fly back tee shirt on your own. With your market draw the stencil like these on the back of your tee shirt. If you’re not too confident about your drawing skills, then print out a picture from the internet and trace it out. With a comfortably held pair of scissors, cut the design one by one. Be careful with the edges because we don’t want them looking messy. This t shirt cutting pattern is surely for the more artistic one’s who want to fly high wearing a pair of wings on their t shirt.

 DIY Ideas For A Cut-Out Neck Pattern

If you like to play some peek-a-boo, then here’s an interesting way to cut a t shirt, by cutting out the neck yoke to create a high street look. Start with drawing an outline of the cut you want to make around the neckline and the arms, and then get cutting. Take your time to meet that designer finesse

Shoulder Cut

This is one creative t shirt pattern that requires precision. If gone wrong, it will ruin your efforts and the t shirt too. Start, with cutting along the sleeves and then the shoulder, the neck and then the other sleeve. Make equal cuts, as too much gap will not look aesthetic.

Back Cut Velcro
This DIY t shirt cutting craft is sure to get your toned lower back, all the attention it deserves. Though it looks a little twisted, but is one of the simplest. You just have to cut a straight slit at the back, making the entire top look like a simple long piece. Then put a Velcro on either side like the way it is in the picture. Cut down the fabric to get that angle behind.
 Fringe DIY
Again, a no fuss DIY t shirt cutting, this one, needs you to cut the bottom of the t shirt in fringes. The thickness of the fringe does not matter but, thinner the fringe, the better they look.

If you ask us how to cut t shirts for a beach vacation, then this one will be our answer. Even if you don’t have that beach body, you can work this one with a bright inner.

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