Beyonce Hairstyles - Copy Queen Bey's Famous Look

For most of us, Beyoncé is the most glamorous style icon and we just can’t get over her. She is also one of those women who embrace her natural hair with pride. At the same time, Queen Bey’s hairstyles are a rage all over the world. From the time she sported her sleek blonde hair to the time the world was in awe of her hair in her Formation video- Queen Bey has been our inspiration since forever!

In this article we will talk about Beyoncé hair, the hairstyles that are iconic and you can easily mimic them.

The Time She Channeled Her Inner Rapunzel:
In one of the music award functions, Beyoncé brought out her inner Rapunzel with a high pony that transformed into a sleek braid. The super high pony and her chiseled jawbone were a majestic look and our jaws literally dropped.

The Time She Embraced Sleek Hair:

Her natural hair is a sight to behold and this one time she just wore her blonde hair straight and we loved that look. There’s nothing to do in this look except the fact that you need to keep your hair sleek and straight and with enough volume. Paired with the right kind of makeup, this hairstyle can also be used as a glamour look, just like Beyoncé did in her 2016 Met Gala look. Can someone give her an award for looking this good, always?

Queen Bey loves this look quite a lot and she flaunts her long hair with many different styles. Here she rocks her straight her with some fringes:

She layered her hair too in this party look:

Long time back when people thought natural hair is a mess, Beyoncé wore her curls in highlights at Billboard Music awards and this was in 2000! Ever since then, people have loved her for her courage to wear her hair in anything and everything and still manage to look like a diva!
All Her Looks For From The “Lemonade” Music Video:

Beyoncé managed to shock all her fans when she dropped her music video all of a sudden. Not only that, her Formation video will also go down in history for being one of the most iconic videos of all times. For her song Lemonade, there was so much hard work involved that at one time, she even grew her hair past her ankles. Kim Kimble, Beyoncé’s hairstylist gave all the looks for this video.

She inspired women to wear their natural hair with pride, wear your natural hair and colour them if you may, but be proud of it:
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