Topics To Avoid Talking About On A First Date - Tips For Both Men & Women

First dates, are NEVER easy. One seems to almost always feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness before the date even starts. The keys to a great first meeting, and possibly locking down a second one, is how comfortable you feel with the other person and how well the conversation progresses. We all get nervous during first dates and bring up topics we look back on and think "WHY DID I SAY THAT!?" To avoid having this after thought, here are a couple topics to try and avoid during the first date.

Your Ex’s

WHY!? You are both on this date because it didn't work out with your ex's. Now is not the time to discuss what you loved (or despised) so much about your ex, before your relationship took a turn. If that's all you/your date can talk about, it gives the impression that they/you still have feelings for that person and probably shouldn't be back in the dating scene, just yet.

Politics & Religion

Chances are, you and your date are going to disagree on something political and/or religious if these topics are discussed. It's best to keep the topics fun and light on the first date, instead of arguing who has the right opinion on how to handle said current national crisis or religious viewpoint.

Marriage & Kids

It is the very first date and chances are you probably don't know if you even want a second date yet. If this is the case, you/your plus-one probably shouldn't talk about the fact that you want six kids and that you want to be married by the time you are 24. Unless you are lucky enough that they want the exact same thing, this topic will simply make the other person uncomfortable and feel as if you/they are already planning your entire life together. This topic probably should not be broached, until you have both reached a level where a deeper conversation is appropriate. This is definitely worth stating again that this subject is probably not "first date worthy" conversation.

Drunken Adventures

Let's face it, we have all had our own personal experience with a drunken escapade, or know someone else who has. This isn't new news in college. If your date is talking about, "When I was drunk this one time..." or "I went to this rager the other night..." it gives the impression that you/they can't be taken seriously. Sure, those stories can be funny, but unless the other person is on the same page as you, maybe avoid those stories about how you and your buddies almost got a DUI (driving under the influence) or MIP (minor in possession) one time.

 Me, Myself, and I

The whole point of a date is to get to know one another. If you/your date is constantly talking about themselves the entire time, you/they are either one of two things: 1) nervous or 2) self-absorbed. I'll let you be the judge, but hopefully, you/they are considerate enough to inquire about you and your life story a couple of times during the date.

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