Most Flattering Plus Size Shorts - Tips For Women

Lots of curvy girls love the idea of shorts, but have a hard time wearing them, or don’t feel confident enough to show off their legs. The biggest complaints that most women have about shorts is they are uncomfortable, or they are unflattering. The reason for these complaints is simple: you’re wearing the wrong style.

Shorts come in a variety of lengths and styles, and each one is made to flatter different parts of the body. Some women want to show off their legs, some want to minimize large thighs, and others want to create the illusion of long legs.

To help you get on the right track, here are some tips to help you get the most flattering shorts for your body.

Bermuda (Knee-length)

Knee-length shorts are the most flattering for most body shapes. The key is to choose the best leg width for your shape.

Ladies with smaller thighs can easily wear fitted or relaxed shorts, while ladies who have thicker thighs will benefit from relaxed to wide leg styles. Just make sure they are not too wide, or else it will give your thighs even more bulk. Ladies with thicker thighs can also wear fitted bermuda styles, but only when trying to even out a larger bottom with a smaller top. Fitted shorts with a tunic or flared top will keep your top and bottom well proportioned.


Board shorts are normally medium to knee length shorts that are light and quick drying. They are basically  just like men’s swim shorts, mainly bermuda length, but with some short styles. Most board shorts will also have cargo pockets at the side. You can easily wear them over swimwear at the beach, or wear them out with a tank or t-shirt for a quick sporty-casual look.

Capri (Long)

Capri length shorts are generally just below the knee to mid-calf. They are essentially between pants and shorts. Just like bermuda shorts, the leg width will depend on how thick or thin your thighs are.

In general, capris are more flattering on ladies with longer legs. If you have shorter legs, the length of capris should stay close to the knee as opposed to the calf. If they are closer to the calf, it will give you a squat look, which actually makes your legs shorter.


Shorts with cargo pockets are great for a more casual look, but some styles can add bulk to your thighs. If the cargo pockets stick out, they will add width to your thighs, if they are flush with the side of the shorts, they will not add bulk, but they will draw the eyes down to the leg, so if you want to divert attention away from the legs, choose plain shorts with more details in your top.

 Contoured Waist

A contoured waist on shorts is exactly what curvy hourglass women need. Most hourglass ladies have a smaller waist compared to their hips, and the waistband of pants and shorts will always have an annoying gape. A contoured waist will taper in, which will eliminate the gape at the waist.  Ladies with more of a straight body shape will not benefit from this waistline. Instead, it will cause the hip area to pucker and bunch.


Shorts with a cuff normally looks best on ladies with smaller thighs and calves. Although small cuff will not have a dramatic effect, wider cuffs will have a bigger impact on your body shape balance.

Cuffs draw the eyes down to the legs, but also add bulk wherever the cuffs fall. If you have wider thighs and narrower calves, cuffed capris can help balance out your legs, but if you have thick legs, try to avoid cuff and roll-up styles.


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