Men's Casual Blazer To Wear With Jeans.

When it comes down to achieving the smart-casual look, you cannot go wrong with jeans and a blazer. A classic combination in our books, this is our definitive guide on how to get the most out of the look and essentially become a wardrobe staple.

Blazer With T-shirt
Starting with the basics, a blazer and t-shirt look is an easy option to pull off, even for those last minute plans. This is one of those outfits you can chuck on ten minutes before dashing out the door, and there is still a good chance you’ll be better dressed than most people at the function. Whether you opt for a beige blazer or black, pairing it with a white t-shirt will always create a laid back, smart casual vibe to your look. With a solid casual base, you’ll have plenty of freedom to throw on an extra accessory or two to complete the ensemble blazer v neck tshirt mens street style sunglasses mens the idle man

Denim Jacket, Shirt & Blazer
If the weather is a bit cooler, or the T-shirt and blazer are too much of a simple put-together for you, then spruce up your look by layering up with a denim jacket. Perfect for cooler weather in autumn and winter, this look brings a distinctive detail to the classic shirt and blazer ensemble. Popping on a denim jacket can also knock down the formality of the look, and you’ll get extra creativity points from your mates.

Blazer and Shirt
Lastly, the timeless look which will evidently have you covered for every suave occasion throughout the year. A crisp blazer and oxford shirt were a style match made in heaven. Depending on your own persona and colour of choice, you can’t go wrong with an oxford shirt and a blazer. When paired with a slim jean, this look will fit you right in at your ‘TGIF’ drinks.

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