Saturday, August 26, 2017

Men African Shirts Designs - Tips For Men

African Prints For Men
If there is one pattern that has taken to the streets right now. It has to be African fever. Whether it’s the whole suit or a blazer, every man is going for African prints. The question is does everyone know how to wear it? If so can anyone wear it? Yes of course! It’s how you team it together that will define you. What you need to decide is when you choose the fabric, there is no holding back. Good style inspirations and influential Africans prints are certainly going to dominant trends for this year. Wearing African fashion is commendable and may just get you invited to the next fashion show in your city.

The Blazer
In putting together an outfit, select the prints that both match and reflect you. It works very well if you team it with trousers that are plain. Make sure the colour print suits your skin tone. If you get it wrong it can make you look very ill.

The Trousers
Keep the top simple choose one colour that is in the African fabric so it compliments your overall outfit. With your shoes again choose one colour.

The Suits
Not for the fainted hearted. If you want a crowd then wear the whole thing. Keep your accessories simple including your shoes. When wearing African fashion, walk with your head held high and your back straight to convey your self-respect and respect for others.

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