Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kids Fashion Trends - Children Dresses For Boys & Girls.

When most people think about getting fashion tips they think of supermodels making their way down the runway of a Paris fashion show. Few people would think of taking their styling cues from anyone who is not a fashion designer or stylist, but little do they know that kids can be a great source of style inspiration as well! Take a look at these amazing fashion tips from kids with style.

   1. Shoes are a great opportunity to add a colorful accent to your outfit.

2. Mix and match different types of textures throughout your outfit while keeping to a color scheme to accomplish a simple yet interesting look.

3. Dressing up for a special occasion? It doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of bling to make sure that your outfit stands out!

4. Drawing inspiration from your favorite celebrity’s style guide is also A-okay. Take this James Dean inspired look for example.

5. Adding sunglasses to any outfit is a surefire way add 10 bonus points to your style IQ.

6. Sometimes, all your outfit needs to be complete is the right purse or bag to tie it all together.

7. History tends to repeat itself and the same goes for fashion trends! So don’t be afraid to try out some classic vintage styles to change up your day to day fashion.

8. All you need in order to pull off a fur coat is just a little bit of attitude.

9. Don’t forget that the right hair do will go a long way towards upping your style game.

10. An edgy hair cut can add a little flair to any every-day outfit.

11. And don’t be afraid to try on bold colors!

Now that you’re armed with these styling tips, all that’s left to do is to go out and try them out! Happy shopping!

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