Monday, August 28, 2017

How To Look Hot Guys - Tips For Men


When they roll up their sleeves:

 Or when they loosen their ties just a little bit...

 When they wear suits in general, really.
 When they wear suits in general, really.When they're chivalrous even though they don't technically have to be.

Chivalry def isn't an obligation anymore, but there's something undeniably hot about a guy who doesn't hesitate to give up his seat for a mom on the subway or who likes opening the door for you.
When they wear cologne that smells really good.

And then we have to fight our base urge to sniff them incessantly like a crazy person.

 Actually, when they hold any type of animal.Puppies, kittens, bunnies, gerbils ... Just about any type of furry animal would do the trick. Just say away from rodents, snakes, and spiders and you're pretty much in business.

 When they wear beanies and their hair pokes out on the sides and at the bottom in that cute way we all know about. *fans self*

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