Easy Outfits For School - Tips For Girls

When it comes to school, you want cute outfits that are going to be easy to put together and trendy enough to last you throughout the entire day. Whether you are someone who likes to get dressed up or likes to be more laid back, we have a stylish outfit you are sure to love. Here are 15 easy and cute outfits for school to try!

1. Your basic white t-shirt is perfect for the laid back look
It may be basic, but a white t-shirt is super comfortable and you can turn it into really cute outfits for school! Pair your shirt with a distressed and cuffed pair of jeans. Add a cute lace bralette underneath your shirt and you are ready to head to class in style!

A plain white tshirt can be used to put together cute outfits for school!
Nothing says college like brunch and a cropped sweatshirt
You can really never go wrong with a graphic sweatshirt and a cropped one is even cuter! This one is perfect for your early morning classes! Wear a bralette underneath the t-shirt with a cute pair of jeans for the perfect look! Cut this sweatshirt to make your own cropped look!

Cropped sweatshirts are great for putting together cute outfits for school!

The best time to wear a striped sweater
Turtlenecks have made a swing back around and are super cute when you wear them with a cute jacket. This denim jacket/turtleneck duo is a great outfit to wear to class. Add a pair of boots to really pull the entire look together.

Turtleneck sweaters are great for putting together cute outfits for school!
Wearing a dress and still looking casual enough for class
A cute floral dress can be super adorable all year round. If you want to wear one to class, layer with a cute denim shirt or jacket over it to make it a little more class appropriate. For the cooler months, wear a pair of converse sneakers and if it’s warm, a cute pair of sandals!

Floral dresses are great for putting together cute outfits for school!
Outfit for the warmer days
When the weather gets warmer, it can be hard to figure out what to wear to class without being reveling and also not being over-dressed to the point of sweating. An off the shoulder top with a cute pair of distressed shorts is the perfect outfit for these days. Wear a cute pair of tie up sandals to pull the look together!

Off the shoulder tops are perfect for cute outfits for class for school!

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