Clothes That Make You Look Curvy - Tips For Ladies

Wear more peplums.
Peplums are very polarizing; people usually either love them or hate them, but the truth is they're great if you're looking to create the illusion of a curvier figure. The important thing is to make sure they are stiff enough and structured enough that they don't just hang there. They need to have a shape of their own similar to an A-line skirt.
Next, make sure whatever bottom you're wearing has a high enough rise that you can't see the waistband below the edge of the peplum. And stick to slim pants and pencil skirts that go below your knees to create a tapered look that will make your hips look curvier and your waist smaller by comparison.

 Don a pencil skirt. 
Choose a pencil skirt that's made of fabric that clings to the body to get instant curves. A wide waistband also helps by creating an illusion of movement from waist to hip.
A pencil shirt should sit at your natural waist, about two inches above your belly button. Any lower and you risk unflattering flaring of the fabric along your hips. The skirt should extend to just about an inch or two above the knee.

 Cinch with a belt. 
Choose a wider belt (3-6 inches in width), often called a corselet, which is specifically designed to minimize the waist. Wearing the right belt can break up the straight lines associated with a boxy or boyish figure.
 If you have a narrower frame, a wide belt may appear overpowering. Instead, opt for a slim belt worn over matching apparel. A dark brown leather belt worn over a chocolate sweater dress, for example.

Consider high-waisted pieces. 
Wearing a high-waisted garment creates the illusion of a smaller waist while elongating the leg line. Jeans and skirts both come in high-waisted options and benefit greatly from tailoring to ensure the proper fit.
 High-waisted pants with wide legs are particularly good at providing figure balance with a slimmer torso.

Go for large pockets.
 Choose pants with larger pockets in the back. The size of the pockets will create a fuller look. High-rise jean styles often include more obvious pockets, making this cut a particularly good way to create feminine curves.

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